Uncovering Enigmas of the Universe

This essay will barely scratch the surface of an extensive body of scientific endeavors and discoveries. While much remains a mystery or puzzle with many missing pieces, enough has been established as either fact or sound theory upon which experimental findings have been independently replicated or functional models have been constructed. Other writers could compose […]

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In Hamilton’s Wake

Originally posted on WISE GUYS – An Online Magazine:
Ron Berger — Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton The critically acclaimed Hamilton: An American Musical, which opened off-Broadway in February 2015 and on-Broadway in August 2015, has been heralded as a cultural phenomenon that has rekindled interest in this important “founding father” of the United States.…

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Wounded Knee, Wounded America

On December 29, 1890 around 250 Sioux Indians were massacred at Wounded Knee, SD by US Cavalry troops. Tensions were high, as just two weeks before, great Sioux Chief Sitting Bull had been killed while in captivity. These were dark and fading days for Plains Indians, as the American push across the continent was well […]

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